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Will I need to reschedule my appointment if my provider is delivering a baby?

Not usually. We have three providers and most often one of the other providers is able to see the patient while they are in the office unless patient would like specific provider. 

How will I receive results of my labwork?

Typically we do not phone patients of lab results if they are normal.  We will contact patients by phone if we need to discuss results or schedule follow up care.

Will I receive reminders for my appointments? 

Our office sends text reminders the day before an appointment.   

Can I pay my bill over the phone?

Yes, we can take payment information over the phone and either text or email receipts. 

How can I reach my providers on evenings and weekends?

By calling the office, you will receive the after hours number on our recorder.  

Is there a cost for filling out the FMLA paperwork?

Yes we charge a one time fee of $20.   Typically we need to update the forms throughout a pregnancy .  

Where do your patients deliver? Do your midwives do birth center and home-birth deliveries? 

Our patients deliver at St Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma. We do not currently offer birth center or home-birth. 

Are you the same as BaycatchersPacific on Zocdoc? Can I book there?

Yes, that is our ZocDoc site. It is always best to simply call to book an appointment. ZocDoc does not truly integrate with our scheduling software, so we call to confirm or find a good time fit for all appointments from ZocDoc.

What are your Covid-19 protocols? Can I bring family to appointments with me?

Masks MUST be worn by patients and visitors in the waiting room and exam room for the entirety of their presence in the building.

​Please reschedule your appointment if you have an active cough, fever, sore throat, or loss of taste/smell.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to keep staff and patients safe from the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

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